Frequently Asked Questions

By Customers


How do I contact you?

Please see full details on our Contact Us page

How do I get a copy of my NCD proof?

To request a copy of you No Claims Bonus proof please contact your intermediary. Please refer to your policy documents if you are unsure on whom it is.

How do I make a change to my policy?

All changes made to your policy must be done through your intermediary.


By Intermediaries


The policyholder has had a county court judgment (CCJ). Will you be able to cover them?

We accept policyholders who have had 1 CCJ within the last 3 years.

The policyholder has been declared bankrupt. Will you cover this?

We will not accept anyone who has been declared bankrupt until 6 years have passed since their bankruptcy was discharged (ended). If they are declared bankrupt mid-term, we will continue cover the policyholder until the next renewal, when it must be re-broked.

The policyholder has an Individual voluntary arrangements (IVA) Will you cover this?

Yes will cover the policyholder if they have had/have an IVA.

Transfer NCD - can only be transferred from Spouse / Civil Partner

We need a letter from the Spouse or Civil Partner transferring the NCD, to include wording: "… and in doing so I relinquish all rights." This letter has to also be signed. Where the policyholder has died or is physically/mentally unable to authorise the transfer, NCD may be transferred upon request to us.

The policyholder has sold the vehicle, how long do they have to find new vehicle before adding an Mid-Term Adjustment or cancelling the policy?

The policy may remain in force for a period of 14 days from the date the vehicle is sold to allow time for the customer to acquire a replacement vehicle. If no substitution is performed within those 14 days the policy must be cancelled.

The vehicle is a write-off, how long before policy must be cancelled, if new vehicle not purchased?

We allow 30 days from the receipt of claim settlement to find new vehicle and for the intermediary to process the mid-term adjustment with the new vehicle details. There is no need to return the Certificate to the intermediary as the vehicle no longer exists.

Can you extend the 90 days EU cover?

No, we cannot offer and extensions on the 90 days EU cover.

Can the policyholder add a temporary additional driver of temporary additional vehicle onto the policy to be used in the EU?

No, temporary additional drivers and temporary additional vehicles cannot be used overseas.

Do you cover LPG conversions?

We will cover LPG conversions as long as the intermediary obtains a copy of the installation Certificate within 14 days of the change.

Do mid-term convictions impact the policy?

No, any mid-term conviction is not applied until the next renewal