Driving in the EU until 31st October 2019

Following the latest delay agreed with the EU, there is no current need to have a Green Card in your possession whilst driving in Europe. Should the UK leave the EU with no-deal before the 31st October 2019, then the requirement for Green Cards and International Driving Permits will return and you should get in touch with your intermediary 28 days before your travel starts in order for a Green Card to be with you before you depart. 

Making a change to your policy

If you should need to amend, renew or cancel your policy you should first contact the insurance intermediary which arranged your policy with Premier Underwriting. It has detailed knowledge and experience of our products and will be able to deal with your enquiry immediately.

On the rare occasion that a matter needs to be referred to Premier Underwriting, your insurance intermediary will liaise with us on your behalf. Your insurance intermediary’s contact details are shown on the documents supplied with your policy schedule or insurance certificate.

The following are examples of changes you must notify to your intermediary in respect of you or any person named as a driver under this policy, or in respect of your car:

  • a change of your address or where your car is kept overnight
  • a change of or additional occupation
  • a change to the use of your car
  • a change to the main driver of your car
  • any drivers you wish to add to or remove from your policy
  • any convictions not already notified to us, including fixed penalties or pending prosecutions
  • any accidents, claims, losses or damages to any vehicle, whether or not a claim was made and regardless of blame
  • any physical or mental condition, disability or infirmity requiring notification to the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • the prescription of permanent medication
  • if you intend to change your car, including getting an additional vehicle
  • any modifications to your car (where it has been altered from the manufacturer’s specification). This includes changes to the:
    • appearance (cosmetic changes), such as alloy wheels or paint
    • bodywork, such as body kits or spoilers
    • suspension or brakes or engine
    • performance of the vehicle, such as the engine management system or exhaust
    • audio/entertainment system

This list is not exhaustive so, if in doubt, please notify your insurance intermediary.